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A Biohackers Case for Public Medical Records

The evolution in medicine in my lifetime has been amazing. With the advent of the internet, this evolution is becoming more rapid.  Our collective knowledge is greater than the sum of its parts.  Back on the prairie, your doctor may have only known…


10 Tips to Becoming Awesomer

Becoming awesomer is my mission, my passion, my purpose in life. I enjoy being awesome, but contentment can very easily lead to contempt.  I believe that everyone is awesome. Really, truly awesome. Over the years I’ve had to do a lot of work…


The Biohacks I’m Doing That Make My Friends Question My Sanity

Never having been the type to follow rules and social norms, biohacking is like a gift from the heavens.  For years I thought myself a failure because I couldn’t handle the advice of eat less, move more.  What would happen if I ate…


Why Is There So Much Shame in Health And Wellness?

Health and wellness is often mistaken for diet and fitness, they are completely different. Diet and fitness is so shrouded in shame. I want nothing to do with that. To me, diet and fitness screams “you aren’t good enough”.  “We live in a…


Get On It and Figure It Out

Remember when you learned to ride a bike? You had never ridden a bike, yet you saw the potential to have fun, keep up with the older kids, not be viewed as a baby anymore. All it took was a decision. I am…



Over the past nine months of my biohacking journey, I have tried all sorts of new and interesting foods. I’ll admit that I am kind of very stubborn when it comes to food. I was raised on a strict diet of Spaghetios and…


Wise Counsel vs Unsolicited Opinion

Have you ever heard the story of the grandpa, the boy, and the donkey? The grandpa and the boy were taking the donkey to town to sell. They started out walking alongside the donkey. They passed some people on the road and overheard…


There IS No Secret Ingredient

Several weeks ago, I heard a grown man cry while relaying the story of how Kung Fu Panda changed his life. Profound changes in our lives often come from the most interesting places. Finally got around to watching it, though it is currently…



Several years ago, my boyfriend and I were bumped from a return flight after a vacation. We were the fortunate guests who got to spend an extra night in town. After the inconvenience of getting settled back in to a hotel, we wandered…


Seduction of Bad Choices

Over the past six years, I have become more aware of my eating choices.  There comes a point in time when you realize that Fruit Loops aren’t really serving you. It didn’t happen overnight. I didn’t just put down my Lucky Charms and…