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You Can’t Fail If You Don’t Try

Failure is an easy road to walk down. We do it every day. We pre-screen applicants for our perfect job by taking ourselves out of the pool.  Telling ourselves they’d never hire us.  Somewhere in our evolution the frontal lobe developed to give…


Stop Apologizing for Eating “Bad” Food

Anyone who has worked in any segment of the weight loss industry for longer than, oh, five minutes has heard the not an apology apology for somebody’s food choices. Or better yet, the “Shh, don’t tell my trainer” post of a flaming Baked…


Standing in the Light, Facing the Darkness

Stories have been a part of humanity since before the written word. Our cave-cestors told stories around the campfire every night. It’s how we learn as a species. We learn about each other, we learn from the experiences of others. How many times…


Wellness FX

Are you ready to understand your health like never before? Every biohacker needs to have access to blood tests. Now you can order your own. Click link above for more info.  


Grocery Store Rant

Four or five years ago, I decided to change my food life.  Nothing drastic, just changed my four basic food groups from boxed, canned, frozen, and fast, to real food.  No biggie.  Being a toe in the water girl, as opposed to run…


Hey Earth, Wind, and Fire, You Forgot About Me

Water. You spend your formative 3/4 year in it. It’s 3/4 of the earth. It’s 3/4 of your body. #mathrocks 3/4 of America is chronically dehydrated. Water is literally life. I know, I know. You just can’t get on board with water. It’s…


Taking Care of Myself

There has been a change in my life recently.  I have started taking care of myself.  I mean really, truly, taking care of myself. I can take care of everybody else, classic middle child, but when it came to me, not so much.…