I love being a health coach. I wandered in to it accidentally, but fell in love with it immediately.  Becoming healthy is so much more than eating twigs and running marathons, it is the integration of wellness into your whole life. Many times we think about health as it relates to diet and exercise, but we often overlook our relationships, careers, and spiritual practices. As a health coach I help you find your own path to awesomeness.

The statistics on the success of “diets” are pretty grim. If you have ever gone to a bookstore and looked through the stacks of books wondering which one has the answers you’re looking for, you are not alone. Confused as to whether you are supposed to follow the 2 hour diet, the 4 hour diet, or the 8 hour diet? We all are. I’ve been trained in hundreds of dietary theories and follow none of them. I have found the bits and pieces that work for me.

The step by step approach worked well for me, and it is where I start with clients. Every client is different, every person has their own pace. When you work with me, I will educate and guide you through the process.

In life, and in coaching, I utilize an abundance mindset. We will add to your life, not take away. We will work together to identify areas of your health that are not serving you. We will work to fill your life with the good things, leaving no room for the “bad”. It’s hard to quit bad habits, so we have to change them. Because your health isn’t about the next six months of your life and whether or not you can muscle through yet another trend in weight loss. Your health is about being well for the rest of your life. Our goal will be to find a lifestyle you can adapt to your ever changing needs.

If you are not showing up in your life as your most awesome self, I would love the opportunity to help you move towards that goal.

What to expect from Health Coaching

Working with a Health Coach is about the entire journey.  During our initial health strategy session, we determine where you are currently, and we decide where you would like to go.  We will discuss whether health coaching is the right approach and which program would be right for you.

I believe that you are awesome and complete, exactly as you are right now. Wanting to make changes in your life means that you recognize there is always an opportunity to improve.

While this is not a diet or exercise program. We will discuss diet and exercise.  We also dive into lifestyle, spirituality, energy, presence, intention. We look at relationships, goals, careers, dreams. There is no limit to the many areas we can improve in our lives.

I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on the internet. I cannot diagnose, treat, or cure anything. I encourage you to speak with your doctor before starting any diet or exercise program.

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