Remember when you learned to ride a bike? You had never ridden a bike, yet you saw the potential to have fun, keep up with the older kids, not be viewed as a baby anymore. All it took was a decision. I am going to step out of being the person who doesn’t ride a bike, to become a person who does ride a bike.

While the decision was easy, the process was a little harder. You had to learn the skills, to make look easy, what looked easy.  Whether you utilized training wheels, or the parent running behind you keeping you balanced, eventually you were able to take off on your own.

That is how easy and how hard it is to move on.

I want to be that. I want to do that. I will figure it out, either with tools, or help, or just falling down over and over and over again.

Now the hard part.

When it was learning to ride the bike, none of us cared that we had spent our whole lives being non-bike riders. Even if we had the self awareness that we were “not a bike rider”, it wouldn’t have mattered.  Not one of us sat on the sidelines telling ourselves that “I’ve never ridden a bike.” “I don’t know how.” “What if I fall down?” “What if, what if, what if?”

What if?

Whatever your bike is, get on it and figure it out.

Until next time, be awesome!


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