Grocery Store Rant

Four or five years ago, I decided to change my food life.  Nothing drastic, just changed my four basic food groups from boxed, canned, frozen, and fast, to real food.  No biggie.  Being a toe in the water girl, as opposed to run screaming off the high dive, I made little changes here and there.  I started eating eggs for breakfast, not Fruit Loops.  Learned to make enchilada sauce instead of getting it out of a can.  Little by little things changed.  While I would never claim to be perfect, I have broken my 120 ounce/day Coke habit.  (I know).

It hasn’t been easy, I now have to drive 20 miles for milk and eggs so that I can get it farm fresh, but while I’m there, I get to pet baby goats, so take that Kroger.  I get my meat from the farmers market on Saturday morning, which doesn’t allow me to sleep in should I need chicken feet, but I feel better in my mid forties than I have since I can’t even remember when.

Yesterday  I went to the grocery store. This is where it gets ranty.

Having been buying my milk straight from the cow who produced it earlier that morning, I had forgotten that grocery store milk doesn’t “go bad” as quickly.  The organic milk I looked had an expiration date two months out. What are you doing to that milk???

I listened to a couple fight over fat free chocolate milk vs 2%.  It was eventually decided that the fat free chocolate milk, with more sugar than a Coke, was the “healthier” option, plus it had vitamins.  Yeah, fat soluble vitamins that are worthless WITHOUT THE FAT.

A child, probably around the age of six, informed her mother they could buy the sugar laden breakfast cereal, because it was now gluten free, AND they had removed the artificial colors.  (Who says marketing doesn’t work?)

Even the organic, aka “healthy”, food was full of science experimentation. I looked at some sour cream that barely even mentioned cream.

Food education is an uphill battle.  There was a contestant on this past season of  The Biggest Loser whose job was “nutritionist”. I guess having a degree in nutrition does not correlate with having knowledge of.

I do not claim to know it all.  In fact, I would probably fail the “nutritionist” exam because it probably follows the politics of food.  Low fat, high processed carb, dairy that is good for several months model. What I do know is that fat will not make you fat, sugar will.  Now I have to convince the rest of the world.