Hey Earth, Wind, and Fire, You Forgot About Me


You spend your formative 3/4 year in it. It’s 3/4 of the earth. It’s 3/4 of your body. #mathrocks

3/4 of America is chronically dehydrated.

Water is literally life.

I know, I know. You just can’t get on board with water. It’s so….water.

Well hydrated people tend to act like water is so amazing.

It is.

Water is the grease in the engine of life. You may not even realize how sluggish you are until you grease the engine. Think of a time when you had a lot of energy. Chances are you were well hydrated. Wouldn’t it be amazing if that was your normal?

When you are hydrated, your kidneys work more efficiently to flush the toxins from your body. Your urine contains the contaminates your kidneys have filtered out. If you are well hydrated, the kidneys can offload the garbage immediately, if they have to wait until you get enough to drink, the garbage just sits in your kidneys, make them work harder.

Plump juicy skin isn’t just nice on a rotisserie chicken. Well hydrated people glow. How much do we spend on cosmetics that promise that very same glow? The skin is another filter that works best with a constant supply of water.

Your digestive track needs water. I’m beginning to detect a theme here. Waste removal is more efficient with water. You don’t want to be full of shit all the time, do you?

Let’s move on. Body movement that is facilitated by joints. Which benefit from water. The fluid between your joints keeps your joints from grinding down.

Have I convinced you yet?

Probably not. I didn’t get the message until recently. I hung on to my soda like I was hanging on to the side of a cliff. I want to encourage you to learn from my mistakes. Drink your frickin water.