Hey Soul Sister

I hate to start in the middle, but today at ukulele club I learned to play a song.

by Train

TRAIN! people. Hey Soul Sister is one of the most overplayed songs in the world and by no means their best song.  I know some people are all on board with hating Train, but they really do put on an excellent show.  Not that I voluntary will admit to attending their show, but I used to work at a concert venue and they happened to play one of the nights I worked.

Anyway, back to the beginning.

I started Ukulele club to learn how to play.  I have had a ukulele for almost two years, and it just sat there, unused.  It was sad.

There had been times where I’d mentioned starting a ukulele club, and never followed through.  Well, this time, I put it out there in social media world, AND I hired a music teacher.  And now it’s a thing.

And not just a thing, but THE thing that I look forward to most in the world.

Why? Well it’s not because I’m way better at the ukulele by knowing 5 chords, and it’s not because it’s a well run organization.  It’s not that it’s well attended. No, it is because of the people.

Seriously, it’s me, another student, and the teacher. AND WE HAVE THE BEST TIME!!!! Like we don’t even want you to come because it will mess up our vibe.

I an unencumbered there. I get to be full on Annie.   When I’m trying to learn a chord and make the “kegal face” and then mention that you know you’re learning something knew when you make the kegal face. It’s now a thing, and there WILL be tshirts.

My heart is full tonight.

Until next time,

Be Awesome!!!


Annie is a land mermaid who gave up her voice in search of true love.  Oh wait, that’s a story.  As with any story, there is a bit of truth in that which resonates deeply for me. This is not my world. I’m just looking for somebody to love me, and working my best to make that somebody to be me.