How to Lose 1,000 Pounds Intro

Ok, so I finally find a catchy title, and it’s not really applicable to 99% of the population.  VERY few people really need to lose 1,000 pounds. While my suggestions may help in that process, they will need a professional involved.

So, why that title.  Other than it’s catchy?

Well, my philosophy around weight loss is there is really not one way to do it.  What works for me, (intermittent fasting, running, not drinking Coke, getting divorced) may not work for you.  I’m never going to drink a green smoothy, but some people love them.  I’m never going to workout in a typical gym.  I’m never going to let a personal trainer yell at me to keep going until I barf. So, what I really mean, is there are a thousand ways to lose a pound.  But that sounded more boring.

Each Wednesday I will break down one way to lose a pound.  How far do you have to walk? How many sodas do you not have to drink? If you get divorced, will you lose weight too? I’ll talk about fasting. Surgery. Ingesting tape worms, because that’s a thing too, apparently.

I look forward to this journey with you and would love to know if you have success with any of my suggestions.

Until next time, be awesome.

Annie is a fitness and nutrition UNstructor. She has an affinity to help the PE dropout return to fitness by making it fun.  Annie opened her studio, Total Rebel Yoga, in 2017 and offers health coaching, personal training, and fitness classes, including Trapeze Yoga.