Over the past nine months of my biohacking journey, I have tried all sorts of new and interesting foods. I’ll admit that I am kind of very stubborn when it comes to food. I was raised on a strict diet of Spaghetios and Pepsi so you can imagine that kimchi was nowhere on my radar.

A couple of months ago I was at a restaurant that had pork belly sliders. Now, if you are ok with eating pig, and there is pork belly on the menu. GET THE PORK BELLY! Well, this pork belly slider came with kimchi. I didn’t even know what kimchi is, but having had friend of chef status at times in my life, you modify the menu as little as possible. I am trying my best to eliminate gluten from my diet, so I did ask them to remove the bun, but I left the kimchi on. OH. MY. DOG. The kimchi was almost as good as the pork!

For my people out there who have never heard of kimchi, what is it? It’s a Korean fermented side dish made of vegetables. Cabbage mainly. Ooh fermented cabbage, my favorite. Fermentation produces probiotics. Really, really good probiotics. Fermentation increases B vitamins, omega 3 fatty acids, digestive enzymes.

There is also a little known biohack involving sauerkraut juice, which is another fermented food. Sauerkraut juice and activated charcoal will remove gluten traces from your body. Normally, gluten will stick around wreaking havoc in your body for six months. In my search for sauerkraut juice, I found many, that were pasteurized.

Um, hello, McFly…..

Pasteurization kills. You don’t want pasteurized. You want every lacto fermented piece of goodness nature can provide.

So, when school starts back up, I’m on a quest to ferment, and colonize my world and my gut with all the yummy fermented goodness that I can find. Not just for my health, but because it is so danged yummy.

Until next time, be awesome.

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