A Biohackers Case for Public Medical Records

The evolution in medicine in my lifetime has been amazing. With the advent of the internet, this evolution is becoming more rapid.  Our collective knowledge is greater than the sum of its parts.  Back on the prairie, your doctor may have only known how to treat an ailment if he’d seen it before. Or maybe he could go over to the next town and ask that doctor if he’d seen it before.  Now, there’s Google.

If we as a whole, decided to make our medical records public, just think of the evolution we could make almost instantaneously.

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10 Tips to Becoming Awesomer

Becoming awesomer is my mission, my passion, my purpose in life. I enjoy being awesome, but contentment can very easily lead to contempt.  I believe that everyone is awesome. Really, truly awesome. Over the years I’ve had to do a lot of work internally to be at peace with myself and my journey.  Here are the things I’ve learned and my top tips to becoming awesomeR.

  1. Reconciling with the woman in the mirror. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? Over the years I’ve worked with countless women, one of the first things I ask is how is your relationship with yourself? What words would you use to describe you, naked…..? I hear words that I don’t even want to put out into the universe. I teach women to be their own best friends, their own biggest supporters, the friend that tells them to get their act together, at the appropriate time, not on the way out the door to work in the am. When you learn to speak well of yourself you are on the road to awesomer.
  2. Prioritizing good habits and routines. Oftentimes, our issues with fitness and nutrition aren’t rooted in fitness and nutrition. They often lie in our habits and routines. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard the excuse that a woman hasn’t any time to meal prep, exercise, or take care of themselves, all the while hearing about the latest episode of Housewives. Now, I’m not saying you can’t have any fun, or can never relax and enjoy a tv show.  You know my butt is parked in front of Jane the Virgin, and Scandal every week.  I’m just saying, there are many tweaks you can make to improve your awesomeness.
  3. Think for yourself. This one is hard. Especially around the health and wellness arena. One day you hear you should have 10 servings of grains a day, the next, grains are killing us and you shouldn’t even walk past them in the grocery store. Being awesomer is all about listening to your own bio individual preferences. Milk may do some bodies good, but there are just as many people who feel horrible when they drink it. At Becoming Awesomer, we work with each individual to tailor your health and wellness to you.
  4. Mom guilt – Let it Goooooooo. We are so good at mom guilt in America, we don’t even have to have kids to feel it. Depending on who you ask, you had kids too early, or waited too long, or chose not to have them at all???? Is that even allowed. If you do have kids, you’re raising them wrong. The most awesomer way to deal with this is to let it gooooo. Rest well know you are doing the best you can.
  5. Move in a way that makes YOU happy. I walk. Every day. Because I love it. Because it gives me time to think. Time to talk with friends. Time to listen to podcasts. Time to listen to music. Time to be outside. I do pushups because they make my arms, core, and back look great. I jump up and down because I’m super excited. That may not be considered exercise to some, but I get excited a lot, so I count it. Some people love Zumba, some people love swimming. Neither is my preference, but if it gets you moving, I’m all for whatever you want.
  6. Dress in a way that looks great on you. Over the years I’ve held several closet interventions. I may have been one of my own clients in this area…. Just sayin. I used to wear my ex-husbands hand me downs. He weighed 60 plus pounds more than me. We should not wear the same clothes. Is it any wonder I felt frumpy? Let’s talk about those skinny jeans that plump up your muffin top. You don’t love them, but the jean store girl said that’s what you needed. If you don’t love it. Leave it.
  7.  Inside out work. This is two dimensional. What you put in is what makes you. Literally, you are what you eat. I have been tracking my own blood work for years now. When a new doctor suggests a medication I’ve been on before, I can show them the blood work that correlates to that medication. Thanks to the internet, I can order my own blood work now, which means, I know what my biohacking is doing, and can follow up with my doctor accordingly.
  8. Inside out work, part two. This is the woo woo part of becoming awesomer. Meditation. Being still. Working on your stuff. Journaling, therapy. That’s the path to awesomeness.
  9. Make a manifesto. I know. The crazies have kind of claimed the domain of manifestos. It’s time we take them back. Know what your core principles are and write them down. When a questions arises about what you should do about a circumstance and you are having difficulty deciding, check back in with your manifesto for direction.
  10. Connections. I saved the best for last. Connect with your people regularly. Don’t just check in. Sync up your hearts and souls and really connect with them. This is grade A awesomeness right here.

Those are ten of the ways I teach you to become awesomer. If these resonate with you please share them with a friend. If you haven’t done so already, come on over to Facebook and join our community.  If you are interested in coaching, please sign up for a short call and we can discuss what options are available at this time. If you are interested in tracking your own blood work, I partner with WellnessFX. They have a variety of packages you can order to start. They also allow you to speak to a doctor concerning your results and to give you direction on next steps.

Until next time, be awesome!



My name is Annie, I am a Fitness and Nutrition Unstructor. I help women who have lived by the rules their whole lives, break those rules and take their turn in life.

The Biohacks I’m Doing That Make My Friends Question My Sanity

Never having been the type to follow rules and social norms, biohacking is like a gift from the heavens.  For years I thought myself a failure because I couldn’t handle the advice of eat less, move more.  What would happen if I ate more good stuff, and moved less? What if the pain I experienced from running wasn’t from running but from wearing shoes? What if Fruit Loops isn’t actually fruit???? Thus, the beginning of biohacking my life.

It started small, eating bacon and eggs for breakfast instead of sugar cereal. Hey, I wasn’t starving at 10 am.

I jumped on the Born to Run phenomenon in 2012 and stopped wearing shoes. Hey, you can run without getting shin splints?

There have been multiple tweaks and course corrections over the years.  I even tried to go back to wearing shoes while I run….it didn’t work.

Now, all these years later, I will admit that people look at me like I’m a crazy lady when I tell them what my latest biohacks are.  My friends think I’m joking, then realize I would never joke about such things. Continue reading “The Biohacks I’m Doing That Make My Friends Question My Sanity”

Why Is There So Much Shame in Health And Wellness?

Health and wellness is often mistaken for diet and fitness, they are completely different.

Diet and fitness is so shrouded in shame. I want nothing to do with that. To me, diet and fitness screams “you aren’t good enough”.  “We live in a perfect world, and you don’t belong.”

Diet and fitness is so consumed with being right, it’s afraid to admit when it’s wrong. Continue reading “Why Is There So Much Shame in Health And Wellness?”


Over the past nine months of my biohacking journey, I have tried all sorts of new and interesting foods. I’ll admit that I am kind of very stubborn when it comes to food. I was raised on a strict diet of Spaghetios and Pepsi so you can imagine that kimchi was nowhere on my radar. Continue reading “Kimchi”

Wise Counsel vs Unsolicited Opinion

Have you ever heard the story of the grandpa, the boy, and the donkey? The grandpa and the boy were taking the donkey to town to sell. They started out walking alongside the donkey. They passed some people on the road and overheard them say, “Such a shame. That perfectly good donkey, and he’s making that little boy walk.” So that grandpa hoisted the boy onto the donkey and they went on down the road.

They crossed paths with another group of people, “Such a shame, that strong little boy riding the donkey and making his dear old grandpa walk.” So the grandpa climbed on and they both rode on down the road.

As they passed another group, the grandpa overheard, “Such a shame, they are going to ride that donkey to town and it won’t be worth a dime by the time it arrives.” So, the grandpa and the boy got down from the donkey, and they picked up the donkey and carried it on down the road.

At this point they came to a narrow bridge, halfway across the boy tripped and the donkey went flying over the railing and plummeted to his death.

The moral of the story is, if you listen to what everyone thinks you should do, you will lose your ass.

I look back over my own story, and think of all the times I did what others thought I should do. Those were the times I was the least happy. It’s not that I am not open to wise counsel, but when I, in my heart of hearts knew I needed to go in another direction, and followed that well meaning, wise counsel and lost my ass.

Bottom line, is, IT’S MY ASS. If I want to walk it, or ride it, or carry it on my back, those are my decisions to make. The same goes for you. Unless they are willing to carry your ass with you, their opinions about what you should do, are just that. Opinions. You are responsible for getting your ass to market and getting paid.

Until next time, be awesome!

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There IS No Secret Ingredient

Several weeks ago, I heard a grown man cry while relaying the story of how Kung Fu Panda changed his life.

Profound changes in our lives often come from the most interesting places.

Finally got around to watching it, though it is currently on its third iteration in theaters.

Take aways.

  • Your parents dream may conflict with your own.
  • When you plant a peach seed you get a peach tree.
  • It is very difficult to bear the weight of others expectations.
  • Sometimes the only thing special about something is the belief that it is special.
  • Sometimes we don’t even know what it is we are chasing, don’t let the dream of nothing become a prison.
  • Other people may not understand, appreciate, like, befriend, or accept you. Keep being you.
  • There are no accidents.

Go be you.


Several years ago, my boyfriend and I were bumped from a return flight after a vacation. We were the fortunate guests who got to spend an extra night in town. After the inconvenience of getting settled back in to a hotel, we wandered over to a nearby bar to get some food.

It was Friday night and the place was packed. He went to order while I hunted the prey that would become our table for the evening. While I waited, I partook in one of my favorite pastimes, people watching.

Being a serial monogamist, I don’t spend too much time in bars, but the whole experience fascinates me. As an observer. Were I to be in a mix, I’d be a bundle of social anxiety.

I watched as girls, who dressed up and came out in their best outfit, ignored the guys who were speaking to them, then complain that the place was lame and hit the door.

I watched as guys approached the girls who were most likely to ignore them, while walking right past the very approachable ones.

When the boyfriend returned, I made the comment, “they are all looking for what we have.”

Not to say that our relationship is without its difficulties. Any time two people spend any time together, there is bound to be issues. What he and I share is a deep connection. We know each others deepest darkest secrets, and we are closer because of it.

I remember very clearly the moment he tried to scare me away. We were a couple of months in to our relationship and he said words to me, that I am quite sure he had never spoken out loud before. He was telling me his secrets. Something amazing happens when you are in that moment. When someone lays bare their soul and you choose to take a step closer, you don’t become closer by the step, it is exponential. When I opened up that space for him, we both stepped in. He has returned the favor to me on several occasions. He allows me to say the words that I would normally hide away.

My daily awesomer hack is this, invite people in to your mess. Connect on a deeper level. When a friend asks how you are. Tell them the real truth. Will this get your heart broken? Probably, so use this hack cautiously. Don’t just go around casting your peals before swine, but when the time is right, and a person has earned the invitation, don’t hold back.

Until next time, be awesome!

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Seduction of Bad Choices

Over the past six years, I have become more aware of my eating choices.  There comes a point in time when you realize that Fruit Loops aren’t really serving you.

It didn’t happen overnight. I didn’t just put down my Lucky Charms and pick up some Kale at the Farmer’s Market, and ride off into the sunset.

It happened bit by bit.

Until eight months ago, I was drinking three large sodas a day. THREE.


Because sugar and caffeine.

The thing is, when I stopped drinking them daily, I began to notice that I felt better after I got away from it.

80% of the time, soda doesn’t even appeal to me anymore. If you knew me then, your mind would be blown right now. I have been addicted to soda since I was a child.

But every once in awhile, it sounds good. The cold sugary fizz. The immediate high (as my body goes into panic mode(see also adrenaline)).

The past few weeks, I have eaten really cleanly. Nine servings of veggies a day. Meat as a condiment.

I had just returned from the grocery store, shopped without the list #badidea. When I got home, without a convenient plan for lunch, I saw that one of the kids had left a box of Frosted Flakes on the table. Yes, I know, I’m a horrible mom. Tony the Tiger was all “hey baby” and I was like “How you doin?” and I ate three bowls.  I never eat three bowls of ANYTHING, but Tony was like “you must eat me, I’m great.”

That morning, I had hopped out of bed at 6:30. I had jogged a 5K, and was out doing errands by 8:30. I felt amazing.

and then Tony.

When I finally told him to go away, I was stuffed, but my body was like, we need more food! So there I am fighting with my body, explaining there is NO MORE ROOM for food, but my body wasn’t hungry for the food, it wanted the nutrition.

I spent the rest of the afternoon, trying to remember my own name. #brainfog

It’s no wonder kids turn into little assholes if they eat that stuff. I was exhausted, and literally could barely function.

It was a great lesson. I don’t know how many years of my life I wasted, wandering around in a junk food stupor.

When you are just beginning your journey to a healthy lifestyle. You may wonder how you will get through your day without your sugar. How will you ever want to consume 9 servings of vegetables a day.

You do it gradually.

Every day is awesomer than the last.

Three things to remember.

  1. Your body may not be hungry for food, it may be starving for nutrition
  2. You don’t have to be perfect to be better
  3. Go to the grocery store with a list

Until next time, be awesome!