Standing in the Light, Facing the Darkness

Stories have been a part of humanity since before the written word. Our cave-cestors told stories around the campfire every night. It’s how we learn as a species. We learn about each other, we learn from the experiences of others. How many times have you wanted to go try something after hearing an awesome story about it? How many times have you stopped yourself from doing something after hearing a disheartening story?

We often tell our stories in the dark. The “woe is me” version of our story. We stand in our darkness and envy the light. If only we could have that which is in the light. We face our demons in the dark, and they keep us from stepping across the threshold, and crossing over into the light. “If I do this, the monsters will find me and eat me.”

Imagine if you will, what the darkness looks like from the light. Step fully into the light and turn around and face your darkness. Can you even see what is in there? Can you see what has terrified you for so long? Are the demons willing to follow you into the light? Most of the time they are not. Imagine yourself in the light. Living the life you only now long for. Does anything you left in the darkness matter now?

When I was a child, I was sexually abused by a family member. Several years ago, I decided that that would neither define me as a woman, nor stop me from being all that I can be. After I refused to carry the baggage that someone else had packed for me, I was able to take the first step into healing. That demon refused to follow me into the light. I’m not saying that it doesn’t try to grab my ankles and drag me back ever so often, but I have found much healing and safety standing in the light.

How would your story change if you stepped out of the darkness?

If the dark version of the story is, “that relationship really hurt me”, how does it change in the light of day. Are you stronger, wiser? As Tony Robbins says, if you are going to blame for what went wrong, you have to blame for what went right. Thank the darkness for the lesson and walk away.

Now go be awesome!

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