That Sugar Film Review

So, everyone has heard of Supersize Me, where Morgan Spurlock spends 30 days eating nothing but McDonald’s and it does not go well.

Now, there is a sugar version.

Damon Gameau quit sugar to impress a girl.  Three years later he decides to see what would happen if he ate like the average again.  For two months he ate the average sugar consumption of Australia, which in the movie stated it was 40 tsps a day.

That fact alone BLEW MY MIND.

40 tsps per day.

90 tsps is a pound. We on average are consuming a pound of sugar every other day. Not straight from the bag, mind you. It is hidden in everything. Why, because we took out the fat.

Damon under the guidance of a doctor, and nutritionist decided to eat only “heart approved healthy food” in the form of low fat yogurt, fruit juice, cereals, granola bars and the likes. The first day he nearly finished his 40 tsps at breakfast with 2.5 servings of cereal, which for the record was not a lot, a yogurt and a juice. A very typical breakfast.

Damon had been consistently eating 2300 calories of whole food, under this new “diet” he did not consume more than 2300 calories, and often times consumed less because he felt so crappy from his food choices.

In the two months he ate the AVERAGE amount of sugar, he gained 18 pounds. He had fatty liver disease and pre diabetes. From just two months.  How many of us are eating way more than average on a daily basis?

One Coke has 9 1/3 tsps of sugar. If you have three Cokes a day you are at 28 tsps of sugar.

Now, as I said, Damon only ate “heart approved healthy food” according to his nutritionist. How many of us are on a heart healthy diet?

Also note that there were days he did just pour sugar onto a cracker to prove his point, it was disgusting. His final meal was 40 tsps of sugar, in the form of a school kids lunch box. Yogurt, lunch meat, crackers, dried fruit, and juice. All “healthy” things we put into our kids lunches on a regular basis.

I encourage you to go and watch it for yourself.  I feel this will have the same effect on my diet as Supersize Me did on my going to McDonald’s. It’s just not worth it.

The good news is that when he stopped the damage reversed itself within a month and he was able to lose all the weight and get back to optimal blood levels.  Note that he did feel like crap for a week while he detoxed.

Quitting sugar is not going to be easy, we are trained to enjoy the sugar. To NEED the sugar. From personal experience, once you re-calibrate your tastebuds you lose your cravings for the sugar. It doesn’t take much to get it back, but the more time that passes the easier it gets.

I encourage you to go watch for yourself. Let me know what you think over on our Facebook page.

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Be awesome!


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