Never having been the type to follow rules and social norms, biohacking is like a gift from the heavens.  For years I thought myself a failure because I couldn’t handle the advice of eat less, move more.  What would happen if I ate more good stuff, and moved less? What if the pain I experienced from running wasn’t from running but from wearing shoes? What if Fruit Loops isn’t actually fruit???? Thus, the beginning of biohacking my life.

It started small, eating bacon and eggs for breakfast instead of sugar cereal. Hey, I wasn’t starving at 10 am.

I jumped on the Born to Run phenomenon in 2012 and stopped wearing shoes. Hey, you can run without getting shin splints?

There have been multiple tweaks and course corrections over the years.  I even tried to go back to wearing shoes while I run….it didn’t work.

Now, all these years later, I will admit that people look at me like I’m a crazy lady when I tell them what my latest biohacks are.  My friends think I’m joking, then realize I would never joke about such things.

Here are the biohacks that I get the most “feedback” from, in no particular order.

  1. I consume a stick of butter a day. Usually on vegetables, but really on anything hot, even drinks.
  2. I wear “Jesus sandals” when I run, and pretty much anytime I’m wearing shoes.
  3. I purposely ingest helminths, which are defined as parasitic worms.
  4. I wear blue light blocking glasses when shopping to cut down on impulse buys.
  5. I turn off all overhead lights after dinner.
  6. I wear blue blocking lenses after dark to help me sleep better.
  7. I only exercise four minutes a day, very intensely.
  8. I drink only water, 90% of the time.
  9. I do not wear sunscreen.
  10. I do not use toothpaste.
  11. I do not wear deodorant.
  12. I do not use the microwave.
  13. I refuse to take antibiotics.
  14. I do not wear a bra 99% of the time. I do have that one shirt…
  15. My body spray contains bacteria, on purpose.
  16. I eat egg shells on the regs.
  17. I brush my teeth with charcoal
  18. I rarely consume sugar (working on it)
  19. I am trying to eliminate gluten (it’s everywhere)
  20. I track my own health and usually have to convince new doctors that I’m making an educated decision.

This is my list. It is ever growing. Ever evolving.  I know what you are thinking, I am a fat (butter), stinky (no deodorant), bra burning hippie, that never has any fun.  I eat nothing but twigs and air, and am going to be taken out by parasitic or bacterial infections, and to top it off, I’m missing several of my teeth and my boobs are at my knees.

That couldn’t be further from the truth. I am happier and healthier than I have been, probably in my entire adult life.  This has been a journey that has taken years. Some of the hesitation I get from potential clients is that they look at where I am and are afraid they can’t make that leap. Rest assured, I did not leap. I waded in ever so carefully.  That’s what I want everyone to know. My process is one step at a time. Sometimes the steps are easy and quick, sometimes, they take awhile. As long as you’re moving the ball forward, that is progress, and that is what gets you to where you want to go.

Until next time, be awesome!



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My name is Annie, I am a Fitness and Nutrition Unstructor. I help women who have lived by the rules their whole lives, break those rules and take their turn in life.