The Week I Stopped Wearing Deodorant


So, this arrived on my doorstep a couple of weeks ago. It’s bacteria in a spray bottle from MotherDirt. I’ll link you up at the end of this post. I’m proud to be an affiliate for them, I would recommend this without compensation; should you follow my link and make a purchase, I will receive a portion of the sale.  They created this wonder modern marvel to reintroduce bacteria to our skin. Reinvigorate our biome. They can explain it waaaay better than I can, but what you are really interested in is HOW DOES IT WORK?

Day 1

In addition to the spray that you use post shower, I also ordered the body wash, and shampoo. So, post shower I was primed for bacteria.

I sprayed under my arms, and under my breasts (hey keeping it real, it’s summer in Texas and sweat happens). The first thing you notice when you aren’t using an antiperspirant is that kind of sticky feeling. I was prepared for this as I’ve been removing my deodorant before bed for years. No need to poison my largest organ any longer than necessary.

It only took about an hour for me to feel stinky. As I said, it’s Texas and it’s summer.

Immediately texted the wasband (was my husband) and son to thank them for making me stink, er um, recommending this product to me. They both informed me that it takes awhile for the colonies to form but that in the end, I would LOVE it.

So, I sponged off, because stinky and sticky, reapplied the spray, and told those little bastards to take over the world.

Repeat. Several times.

Day 2

I stink. Great.

As part of my awesomerness, I lead a walking group every morning. 3-5 miles. Did I mention Texas, I’m sure I must have.

No deodorant.

Ladies, please forgive me. It is for the sake of science that I must sweat freely.

Afterwards, I shower, scrub down with the MotherDirt body wash. That stuff works miracles. I am stink free. The shampoo is great, but I will leave that for another day. I will have to do the whole head tossing running my fingers through my hair thing. Cliff notes: The shampoo is amazing!

I spent the day sponging off and reapplying.  Though considerably less often.

Day 3

I don’t think I stink. Let me check. Ohhhhh, I still stink, but you really have to get your face in there to notice. Luckily, not too many people spend their day in my armpit.

Related. The boys are starting to notice.

Day 4

I don’t stink. I really don’t stink. Well, I stink when I run, because yeah, it has not helped there yet, but showering, and going about my normal daily activities. Completely stink free.

Side note: I consider myself attractive. I consider myself friendly. Men generally don’t speak to me in the grocery store. So, that is new.

Day 5

OK, I am convinced. Normal day to day, non running in 90 degree weather, this stuff is amazing.

I wanted to believe it, but I’ve tried other things that worked less amazingly than I’d hoped.

Day 6

A woman asked me what perfume I was wearing. I’m not. I stopped wearing deodorant last week and started spraying myself with bacteria. Well, that’s gross, but you smell amazing.

When is the last time someone commented on how amazing you smell? Your perfume, maybe, but you? Never.

It took less than a week for the bacteria to colonize to the point that I don’t worry about walking around without deodorant. Deodorant has been a part of my life FOREVER. From the second we watched our first tv show, the commercials have been reminding us of the horrible embarrassment and public shame that would befall us if we didn’t slather our pits with chemicals and fragrance. Shame and humiliation that was reiterated in junior high school. Which, looking back, was just junior high school in general.

Would I take a meeting, outside, in Texas, in summer? I’m not there yet, but I seriously love the way I smell, and apparently so do others. As I write this, it has been 10 hours since I applied the spray to my underarms. I don’t stink, I smell pretty good, it is a little musky, but not bad.

I cannot recommend this more highly. If you want to learn more about this, head on over the [eafl id=593 name=”Mother Dirt” text=”Mother Dirt”]  (affiliate link) and they can explain all of it in greater detail.  While it took me less than a week, it may take longer for you, everybody is different. They have a great return policy and after reading the replies to their negative comments, I was kind of hoping it wouldn’t work so I could say, hey I’m a human guinea pig, please test your reformulations on me. But no. It works great. If you happen to be one of the lucky ones who have a less than ideal experience, they encourage negative feedback and your helpful participation in researching the why. They will refund your money without you having to send it back and bug them for weeks. In addition to it being a great product, their customer service has been on point, which was one of the reasons I chose to be an affiliate for them. If you follow the [eafl id=593 name=”Mother Dirt” text=”MotherDirt “]link and make a purchase, I will receive a portion of the sale. If you would like to receive 25% off of your purchase between now and October 31, 2016, use the code NEWPRODUCT25.

Until next time,

Be awesome!!


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