Unlearning Good and Bad Food

Where the notion of “good” and “bad” foods came from, I do not know. I suspect it is from a self righteous kale eater, who is a sad person because they know steak is awesome.

Even when we try to eat “good”, salad anyone? We end up sad and hungry, or we douse it with so much canola oil and corn syrup, I’m talking to you commercially available salad dressing. It is completely exhausting to try to figure out what is “good” and what is “bad” so we throw our hands up in defeat.

Here’s an idea. Why don’t we unlearn the concept of good and bad food. Let’s not even worry about the food. That’s right.

Do not put judgmental labels on your food.

Let’s think about what our goals are. Are you trying to lose weight? Are you trying to be healthy? Are you wanting to be thin for the rest of your life, or are you just trying to look smokin hot for your class reunion?

While we are at it, let’s rethink how we talk about our bodies. How we treat our bodies.

If you look in the mirror and say words like “disgusting” are you going to hold your actions to a higher standard than your words. Change your thoughts, change your words, change your actions.



Now, with those things in mind, let’s start thinking about the food that we are putting in our pie holes.

My goal is that I want to be healthy and happy.

I achieve that goal by eating salad, and ice cream. Just not at the same time.

Sometimes eating salads for four days straight makes me happy. Sometimes I want a steak. Sometimes I want to chew on an Oreo, because they are delicious.

If our goal is to make it to the class reunion in a size two, we are going to approach it completely differently than if our goal is to be a size 10 for the rest of our lives.

Now, I could make a flow chart, but ain’t nobody got time for that. So, you’ll have to think a little harder.

If you give a girl a cookie….should she eat it?

Is it a good cookie or a bad cookie?

Whuh? It’s a fucking cookie.

Will this cookie help or hurt her long term goal?

Well, I want to be happy and healthy. The cookie will make me happy.

Ok, will it make you healthy?


Which goal is more important right now. Happy or healthy?

I don’t know.

Ok, when is the last time you had a cookie?

Four weeks ago, last, I don’t remember.

Have the cookie.

If the answer is 4 minutes ago, don’t have the cookie.

It’s not whether the cookie is good or bad, it’s how sugar and flour and chocolate chips and M&M’s are going to fit into the whole picture. If they are part of the whole picture, go ahead and enjoy it. If they ARE the whole picture, maybe skip this one.

Remember, you are a grown ass woman, you get to decide what you eat. YOU.  Look at your goals. Look at your thoughts, your words, your behavior, the big picture. Be honest with what is important to you.

Until next time,

Be Awesome!!


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