What Are You Doing For the Next 12 Weeks?

It’s September, Christmas is coming quickly. It’s almost time for the family Christmas cards. Again.

You cherish this tradition because you enjoy looking back through the years to see how your family has grown.

Except, you hate it, because you don’t like the way you look. You promised yourself this year would be different, and yet, here we are again.

I know this feeling.

It’s not too late to do something about it. 

Late last spring I began working with Alli. alli-before

She has been a lifelong runner, and was struggling to find something she enjoyed as much, having sustained yet another injury that was keeping her from her favorite activity.  Not to mention she is a busy mom and like many of us struggles with finding the time for herself.

This is Alli today. alli-after

This is the reason I am so very passionate about health coaching. Not only is she looking great, but she found her smile again.

Alli had this to say about her experience.

“Annie helped motivate me get myself back int a healthy mental, emotional, and physical state. She encouraged me to take one day at a time and change one negative habit at a time. Annie helped me to understand that in order to succeed, failure is not only permitted, but at times necessary.  We are not perfect and life happens, but when you learn to take control of yourself and your choices, change can and does happen. Start becoming awesomer!”

The beautiful thing about health coaching as opposed to diet and exercise, is the journey. I am able to support my clients through their own journey. I am able to educate and inform my clients and help them make their own decisions. There is no one right way for everyone to achieve the same goal. This is why there are thousands upon thousands of diet books. I’m sure four more have been published since you started reading this.

As a health coach I have studied hundreds of dietary theories. I’m a little bit Ayurvedic, and little bit Ketogenic, I’m a little bit science, and a little bit woo woo.

My 12 week program is not a diet and exercise program. Do we discuss them? Yes. We also explore several other areas that attribute to your wellness. How are your relationships, your career, your spiritual practice, are you taking care of your mental health?

I am not a doctor. I do not diagnose, treat, nor heal any condition or disease. Results are not typical and vary by individual. I do not, nor can I, guarantee your results. I do believe that anything is possible, and I will work closely with you to help you on your journey. If you are ready to begin yours, I would love to talk to you. You can schedule an appointment and we can discuss whether health coaching is right for you.

Until next time, be awesome!


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My name is Annie, I am a Fitness and Nutrition Unstructor. I help women unlearn the bad habits, bad science, and marketing lies that are keeping them stuck. By taking the diet and exercise out of health and wellness, I help women find their own path, and empower them to step up and take their turn in life.