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“Annie helped motivate me get myself back int a healthy mental, emotional, and physical state. She encouraged me to take one day at a time and change one negative habit at a time. Annie helped me to understand that in order to succeed, failure is not only permitted, but at times necessary.  We are not perfect and life happens, but when you learn to take control of yourself and your choices, change can and does happen. Start becoming awesomer!”




When I think about extreme Awesome-ness I think about Annie A! If I ever think “Oh I can’t do that” I realize that the Annie response is “Hell yeah I can do that!”. There isn’t a challenge she’s not up for and I feel, as an Annie myself, that I need to adopt a true Annie “hell yeah!” Attitude.


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“If you are looking for someone to customize adjustments to your lifestyle that will propel you to successfully meeting your goals Annie is the pro for you. I use the word adjustments instead of changes for a specific reason. Annie understands that for her recommendations to make the impact in your life you are looking for they have to be sustainable…you won’t feel so restricted or overworked that you will rebound to your ‘before’ self in a few months or a year, you will remain your ‘after’ self for a lifetime. Annie’s solutions incorporate your likes as well as work around your dislikes; and she does this like few others I have worked with in 20+ years.” January 23, 2013



A little over year ago, I was recovering from an emergency surgery that saved my life but completely rocked my world. I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer – the ultimate betrayal of my otherwise relatively healthy 32yr old body. For at least a month, everything hurt and then it just felt like my body was not my own. Two months later, I had to do it all over again. The second surgery revealed the fantastic news that the cancer was gone- but these two major surgeries left my body riddled with huge angry scars and weak from months of quasi-bed rest. Even though the cancer was gone, I knew I had to make some lifestyle changes. I began to eat better (though my coca-cola addiction still remains) and attempted to reconnect with my body. My first attempts at exercise were a miserable failure. Having ones’ abdominal muscles sliced through twice in three months does not bode well for just about any form of exercise! After about six months, I was incredibly frustrated. One day I left work, all stressed out and realized I needed to burn off some steam. On my way home, I downloaded a “Couch 2 5k” app. Many of my friends had done 5ks in recent years. I’d followed Annie’s journey on her blog and Twitter. I saw her complete crazy push up challenges and go from self proclaimed lover of soda and tacos to a much healthier, happier person. I’d admired her “little bit at a time” attitude and encouragement that anyone could do it. Despite my self declared loathing of running, I figured I had nothing to lose. The first day was comical- this body hasn’t run in at least 10+ years! But slowly it got better and better. And running made me pay attention to my body in a way that I desperately needed after feeling at war with it all year. Exactly one year after that first surgery, I completed my first 5k. I was not fast. But I finished it. My body feels like my own again. I can’t wait to see what else it can do.