Have you ever heard the story of the grandpa, the boy, and the donkey? The grandpa and the boy were taking the donkey to town to sell. They started out walking alongside the donkey. They passed some people on the road and overheard them say, “Such a shame. That perfectly good donkey, and he’s making that little boy walk.” So that grandpa hoisted the boy onto the donkey and they went on down the road.

They crossed paths with another group of people, “Such a shame, that strong little boy riding the donkey and making his dear old grandpa walk.” So the grandpa climbed on and they both rode on down the road.

As they passed another group, the grandpa overheard, “Such a shame, they are going to ride that donkey to town and it won’t be worth a dime by the time it arrives.” So, the grandpa and the boy got down from the donkey, and they picked up the donkey and carried it on down the road.

At this point they came to a narrow bridge, halfway across the boy tripped and the donkey went flying over the railing and plummeted to his death.

The moral of the story is, if you listen to what everyone thinks you should do, you will lose your ass.

I look back over my own story, and think of all the times I did what others thought I should do. Those were the times I was the least happy. It’s not that I am not open to wise counsel, but when I, in my heart of hearts knew I needed to go in another direction, and followed that well meaning, wise counsel and lost my ass.

Bottom line, is, IT’S MY ASS. If I want to walk it, or ride it, or carry it on my back, those are my decisions to make. The same goes for you. Unless they are willing to carry your ass with you, their opinions about what you should do, are just that. Opinions. You are responsible for getting your ass to market and getting paid.

Until next time, be awesome!

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