Fitness and Nutrition UNstruction

Fighting Back

As a child, I experienced what psychologists call “adverse childhood experiences”, or ACE. ACE is defined as Abuse, Neglect, and Household Dysfunction. Further broken down into physical, emotional, or sexual abuse. Physical or emotional neglect. Household dysfunction is mental illness, incarcerated parent, domestic…


What Really Matters When Becoming Awesomer

I am often accused of being authentic, though I think my authenticity is often confused with saying things that most people know not to in social settings. Authentic is more about being real, despite the consequences. I trend towards skewing the story to…


Unlearning Good and Bad Food

Where the notion of “good” and “bad” foods came from, I do not know. I suspect it is from a self righteous kale eater, who is a sad person because they know steak is awesome. Even when we try to eat “good”, salad…


That Sugar Film Review

So, everyone has heard of Supersize Me, where Morgan Spurlock spends 30 days eating nothing but McDonald’s and it does not go well. Now, there is a sugar version. Damon Gameau quit sugar to impress a girl.  Three years later he decides to…


Quitting – Unlearning Willpower

The thought that you can do anything, sustainably, with willpower has to be one of the biggest lies we have been told. Eventually it will break. Some of us have more. Some of us have less. But all of what we have is…


Quitting Sugar – Unlearning the Fear

Sugar. As a little girl, I learned that as a girl, I was made of sugar and spice, and everything nice.  What I did not learn is that the dose makes the poison. A little sugar may be sweet, but a lot of…


Your Weight Is Not Your Problem, Your Weight Is A Symptom of Your Problem

Can we be real for a minute? I am going to help you UNlearn your way of thinking when it comes to your weight. Five years ago, one question changed my life. Four little words. Is that fear real? I was working with…


The Week I Stopped Wearing Deodorant

So, this arrived on my doorstep a couple of weeks ago. It’s bacteria in a spray bottle from MotherDirt. I’ll link you up at the end of this post. I’m proud to be an affiliate for them, I would recommend this without compensation;…


It’s Not Sugar That You’re Craving

No, I’m pretty sure it is, Annie. Let me explain. It’s two o’clock.. You are craving your afternoon chocolate bar and Diet Coke.  You wander over the the break room and, hey, somebody left some donuts in there. You really want a donut. …


What Are You Doing For the Next 12 Weeks?

It’s September, Christmas is coming quickly. It’s almost time for the family Christmas cards. Again. You cherish this tradition because you enjoy looking back through the years to see how your family has grown. Except, you hate it, because you don’t like the…