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What can you expect in my Sling Yoga class? Healthy, light exercise… and Fun!  Watch the video to see.

Why Sling Yoga?

Here are the top benefits experienced in my class.

Spinal Traction: relieve back pain by naturally “hanging” upside down from your hips.

Core Strength: build functional core strength naturally in dozens of dynamic and fun postures Builds Grip Strength /

Improve Upper Body Strength

Flexibility: practice deep, passive backbends, splits, and hip openers in ways otherwise impossible to do on the mat. The Yoga Trapeze, the world’s #1 inversion yoga sling used by over 100,000 students in 81 countries and counting. While many of the yoga poses we do on the Yoga Trapeze look very similar to their mat-based counterparts, the dynamics are very unique. It adds in the missing “pull” motion lacking in mat-based classes.

Frequently Asked Questions

No! Yogabody slings have an advertised weight limit of 300 lbs. Our ropes are rated to 1500 lbs each, and our roof mounts were professionally installed by a guy who does math. Persons at or near 300 lbs should check with their doctor before inverting due to possible blood pressure issues.

We cannot accommodate pregnant humans in public classes. We do offer modified classes for pregnant individuals. Please book a private lesson to discuss.

Please do not book a child under 16 into class without prior permission.  
Public classes are suitable for humans over the age of 16.  It’s girls night out and there are times when the conversation is a little less PG than is suitable for younger kids.  We do have a separate lobby where kids who can monitor themselves can hang out.  Younger children can participate in kid friendly events, and we’d be happy to book a private class for birthdays and special events.  

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